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A website dedicated to beauty salons, spas, hair & nail studios and more in Bermuda.

Though we are a small community, there is a huge diversity of treatments and facilities here.  Look through our Bermuda Beauty website to find the exact spa or salon for your desired hairstyles/nail/ spa treatments in Bermuda.

Bermuda's Salons, Spas, Hair and Nail Studios:

Ariel Sands Spa. 232 5300   
The Athletic Club 295 6140
Axcent on Beauty. 292 0872
Bang Bang Hair. 292 2051
Barberella Hair. 296 4862
Bersalon - Hamilton. 295 4808
Bersalon Head Office. 292 8570
Bersalon's Beauty Salon at Elbow Beach. 236 5612
Bersalon's Cool Waters Spa Salon - St. George's. 297 1528
Bersalon's The Ocean Spa at Cambridge Beaches. 234 3636   
Bersalon's The Spa at Elbow Beach. 232 2156
Blades. 295 2647
Blue Magic Barber & Beauty Salon - Southampton. 238 8261
Body Essentials - Hair & Nails. 295 0237
Cabelo Hair & Beauty. 295 1873
Changes Beauty Salon. 295 6060
Creative Options Beauty Centre. 292 7834
Creative Stylze - Crawl. 293 7205
Cut & Curl Salon - Somerset. 234 1462
Dermatology & Skin Care Centre. 295 9963
Dimensions - Hamilton. 296 6040
Dottie's Unisex Beauty Centre. 292 2397
Eden - Hair Face & Body. 292 6961
Elaine's Beauty Shop. 292 2820
Estelle's Beauty Salon - Sandys. 234 2720
Eunice's Beauty Parlour - St. George's. 297 1916
Exclusive Hair & Nail Salon. 292 0953
Face & Body - Hamilton. 292 8081
Fitness Firm - Mobile Massages. 295 5229
G & M Beauty Salon Bermuda
The Hair Clinic. 292 5104
Hair Fantasy - Hamilton. 296 9719
Hair-at-Last - Hamilton. 292 4597
Headway Hair Centre - Hamilton. 292 8983
The Hideaway Salon at Surf Side. 238 5738   
I.D. Hair & Body Studio. 292 8724
Images - Hamilton. 295 0615
Imani's - Hamilton. 296 6789
Ja' Nauzi's - Hamilton. 296 0075
Jahri Hair Salon - Pembroke. 295 3010
Janel Beauty Parlour - Pembroke. 292 5160
Kafu Hair & Gallery - Hamilton. 295 5238
Kiki Hair Cutting - St. George's. 297 2308
Kim-Kita's Beauty Salon - Hamilton. 295 7110
Le Chic Hair & Beauty Salon - Hamilton. 295 0510
London Beauty Clinic - Hamilton. 296 9996
Magic of Aloe. 292 3441
Main Attractions - Southampton. 234 3930
Marie's Beauty Nook - Paget. 236 2504
Nail Hut - Hamilton. 296 5411
Nu-Art - Nails Body & Hair. 296 2869
Ophelia's Beauty Salon - Sandys. 234 1848
Paula's Hair Salon - Hamilton. 292 1718
Pizzazz Salon - Hamilton. 292 7829
Platinum 2000 - Hamilton. 292 6423
Portraits Afrique - Pembroke. 295 6412
Pretty Hands & Feet - Somerset. 234 2316
Princess Salon at Fairmont Hamilton Princess. 295 1039   
Renaissance - Hamilton. 292 8273
Dorothy Robinson Beauty Parlour. 292 5622
Salon Designs - Sandys. 234 5733
Salon Roots - Somerset. 234 1808
Sandy's Beauty Creations - Hamilton. 292 4363
Shairon's Hair Salon - Hamilton. 292 2685
Shapers Hair Nails & Beauty Salon. 295 3519
Snippits Mobile Hairdressing -. 238 4190
Spence Hair Design - Hamilton. 292 3210
Strands - Hamilton. 295 0935
Tangles - Hamilton. 292 8294
Tipz Nail Salon - Hamilton. 296 6768
Total Fitness Centre - Hamilton. 295 0087
Wave Length - Paget. 236 4684

More about Beauty in Bermuda:

Here at our web site, you will find links and contact information for all the beauty salons in Bermuda.  Also, fitness, nails, dermatology, skin care, massage therapy and much more.  Our salons feature the most trusted names in Bermuda Beauty and fitness as well as some of the best of hair designers, nail technicians, massage therapists and more from every country around the world.

Remember too bookmark our site.  We have contact info for every salon and beauty parlour in Bermuda.  To bookmark (add us to your favorites) hold the "Ctrl" key and press "D".  This will automatically add us to your favorites.

We have worked hard to compile all the information in this Bermuda Beauty website.  We hope you have found the info that you were seeking.

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bulletKAFU Hair & Beauty:Hamilton Bermuda
bulletTangles Hair/Make Up Salon Bermuda.
bulletChanges Hair Design - Bermuda salon.
bulletCuttin' Corners Beauty & Barber Salon Bermuda.
bulletDivine Touch Nail Salon - Bermuda.
bulletEden Hair Face Body: Salon Bermuda.
bulletThe Hair Clinic:Cedarparkade:Hamilton Bermuda
bulletThe Hair Studio:Brunswick Mall:Hamilton Bermuda.
bulletMain Attractions Beauty Salon Southampton Bermuda
bulletJanel Beauty Parlour Pembroke Bermuda
bulletImani's Beauty Salon Bermuda
bulletHeadway Hair Centre Hamilton Bermuda
bulletHair Fantasy Hamilton Bermuda
bulletNail Hut Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletFitness Firm Mobile Massages Bermuda
bulletNu Art Nails and Body Salon Bermuda
bulletHair at Last Hamilton Bermuda
bulletI.D. Hair Body Studio Bermuda
bulletJahri Hair Salon Pembroke Bermuda
bulletKiki Hair Cutting St George's Bermuda
bulletLe Chic Hair Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletMarie's Beauty Nook Paget Bermuda
bulletImages Hair Salon - Bermuda.
bulletLondon Beauty Clinic Hamilton Bermuda
bulletMagic of Aloe Beauty Salon Bermuda
bulletImages Design:Hair Salon Bermuda
bulletOphelia's Beauty Salon Sandys Bermuda
bulletStrands Beauty Salon Spa Hamilton Bermuda
bulletPaula's Hair Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletPizzazz Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletWave Length Hair Salon Paget Bermuda
bulletTotal Fitness Centre Hamilton Bermuda
bulletTipz Nail Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletPlatinum 2000 Hair salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletSnippits Mobile Hairdressing Bermuda
bulletSpence Hair Designs Hamilton Bermuda
bulletPretty Hands and Feet Somerset Bermuda
bulletPrincess Salon Fairmont Hamilton Bermuda
bulletRenaisance Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletDorothy Robinson Beauty Parlour Bermuda
bulletSalon Roots Somerset Bermuda
bulletSalon Designs Sandys Bermuda
bulletShapers Hair Nails Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
bulletShairon's Hair Salon-Hamilton Bermuda
bulletSandy's Beauty Creations Hamilton Bermuda
bulletInverurie Day Spa:Fairmont Hamilton Princess Bermuda.
bulletJa Nauzi's Hair Salon:Hamilton Bermuda
bulletJa Nauzi's Hair Nail Pedicure Bermuda
bulletJa Nauzi's Manicure Pedicure Nail Art Bermuda.
bulletKim Kita's Beauty Salon & Barber Shop Bermuda
bulletPortraits Afrique Hair Studio Bermuda.
bulletSerenity Nail Salon:Hamilton Bermuda.
bulletUltimate Hair Design Bermuda.
bulletThe Athletic Club Bermuda - fitness club
bulletAxcent on Beauty - Bermuda
bulletBang Bang Hair - Bermuda
bulletBarberella Hair - Bermuda
bulletBersalon - Hamilton Bermuda
bulletBersalon Head Office
bulletBersalon's Beauty Salon Elbow Beach Bermuda
bulletBersalon's Cool Waters Spa Salon St George Bermuda
bulletBersalon's The Ocean Spa Cambridge Beaches
bulletBersalon's The Spa at Elbow Beach Bermuda
bulletBlades Beauty Salon Bermuda
bulletBlue Magic Barber Beauty Salon Bermuda
bulletBody Essentials Hair Nails-Bermuda
bulletCabelo Hair Beauty Bermuda.
bulletCreative Options Beauty Centre-Bermuda
bulletCreative Stylze Hair Salon Crawl Bermuda
bulletCut & Curl Salon - Somerset Bermuda
bulletDermatology Skin Care Centre Bermuda
bulletDimensions Beauty Salon-Hamilton Bermuda
bulletDottie's Unisex Beauty Centre Bermuda
bulletElaine's Beauty Shop Bermuda
bulletEstelle's Beauty Salon Sandys Bermuda
bulletEunice's Beauty Parlour St George s Bermuda
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G & M Beauty-Barber
The Hideaway Hair
KAFU Hair & Beauty
Tangles Hair/Make-Up
Changes Hair Design
Cuttin' Corners
Divine Touch
Eden Hair Face Body
The Hair Clinic
The Hair Studio
Main Attractions Beauty Salon Southampton Bermuda
Janel Beauty Parlour Pembroke Bermuda
Imani's Beauty Salon Bermuda
Headway Hair Centre Hamilton Bermuda
Hair Fantasy Hamilton Bermuda
Nail Hut Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Fitness Firm Mobile Massages Bermuda
Nu Art Nails and Body Salon Bermuda
Hair at Last Hamilton Bermuda
I.D. Hair & Body Studio Bermuda
Jahri Hair Salon Pembroke Bermuda
Kiki Hair Cutting St George's Bermuda
Le Chic Hair Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Marie's Beauty Nook Paget Bermuda
London Beauty Clinic Hamilton Bermuda
Magic of Aloe Beauty Salon Bermuda
Images Design
Ophelia's Beauty Salon Sandys Bermuda
Strands Beauty Salon Spa Hamilton Bermuda
Paula's Hair Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Pizzazz Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Wave Length Hair Salon Paget Bermuda
Total Fitness Centre Hamilton Bermuda
Tipz Nail Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Platinum 2000 Hair salon Hamilton Bermuda
Snippits Mobile Hairdressing Bermuda
Spence Hair Designs Hamilton Bermuda
Pretty Hands and Feet Somerset Bermuda
Princess Salon Fairmont Hamilton Bermuda
Renaisance Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Dorothy Robinson Beauty Parlour Bermuda
Salon Roots Somerset Bermuda
Salon Designs Sandys Bermuda
Shapers Hair Nails Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda
Shairon's Hair Salon-Hamilton Bermuda
Sandy's Beauty Creations Hamilton Bermuda
Inverurie Day Spa
Ja Nauzi's Hair Salon
Kim Kita's Beauty
Portraits Afrique Hair
Serenity Nail Salon
Ultimate Hair Design
The Athletic Club Bermuda - fitness club
Axcent on Beauty - Bermuda
Bang Bang Hair - Bermuda
Barberella Hair - Bermuda
Bersalon - Hamilton Bermuda
Bersalon Head Office
Bersalon's Beauty Salon Elbow Beach Bermuda
Bersalon's Cool Waters Spa Salon St George Bermuda
Bersalon's The Ocean Spa Cambridge Beaches
Bersalon's The Spa at Elbow Beach Bermuda
Blades Beauty Salon Bermuda
Blue Magic Barber Beauty Salon Bermuda
Body Essentials Hair Nails-Bermuda
Cabelo Hair Beauty Bermuda
Creative Options Beauty Centre-Bermuda
Creative Stylze Hair Salon Crawl Bermuda
Cut & Curl Salon - Somerset Bermuda
Dermatology Skin Care Centre Bermuda
Dimensions Beauty Salon-Hamilton Bermuda
Dottie's Unisex Beauty Centre Bermuda
Elaine's Beauty Shop Bermuda
Estelle's Beauty Salon Sandys Bermuda
Eunice's Beauty Parlour St George's Bermuda
Exclusive Hair Nail Salon Bermuda
Face & Body Beauty Salon Hamilton Bermuda

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